We expect venue wiring to comply with the appropriate building electrical regulations. Compliance is the responsibility of the venue management and we will take only superficial precautions such as checking that the mains socket(s) we use are visually in good condition.
A standalone RCD (“circuit breaker”) will be used when the venue mains supply is not clearly already protected.
All mains-powered sound equipment will where possible be powered from a single socket to eliminate earth loops. We certify that all our sound equipment is well within the rating of a 13 amp electrical socket. When used, we may run lighting equipment from a separate socket.
Electrical equipment is visually inspected regularly and whenever equipment is set up.


When setting up, cables will be arranged not to cross access routes where possible, e.g. by passing above doorways. If this is unavoidable then cables will be taped down or covered with rubber cable protectors to minimise the trip hazard.
Where possible, all band equipment will be kept on stage rather than on the dance floor (this includes covers/boxes and items not in use). In venues with no separate stage, items will be kept to the sides of or behind the band out of the way.
Loudspeaker stands will be placed to minimise trip hazard, and the speakers placed above head height, to minimise the risk of subjecting people nearest to excessive sound levels. Microphone placement will be so as to attempt to eliminate feedback with its associated high sound levels.
The band will be aware of the location of fire extinguishers and emergency exits, but maintenance of those will not be considered the band’s responsibility.
The safety of children is the responsibility of their parents. Beyond the reasonable precautions listed above, we do not expect to be liable for any injury resulting from the actions of unsupervised children.


The band has a public liability insurance policy which also covers the caller.